Being Connected 

You might think this is about social media.. 
it’s not! 

It’s about being connected to Mother Nature,God, family,friends… you.

There’s so many ways to stay or be connected with all of the above.

Mother Nature-

•do yoga outside 

•take a walk

•cloud watch 

•open you’re windows

•inhale the fresh air 


•bible study


•reading through the Bible -just flip to a page randomly and read

•bible journaling 


•take a minute to call mom/dad and say hi

•text your aunt/uncle and ask how they’ve been

•call grandma/grandpa and see how they’re feeling

•buy someone flowers

•send them a card,letter or one of those edible thing with the chocolate covered strawberries(so good)


•send a text

•go to a movie 

•hang out and talk 

Just put your phone,tablet,laptop down and enjoy life..

They say life is short because you never know when your last breathe will be.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to tell someone you liked them… DO IT.. just go up and tell them.. really the worst that can happen is they don’t feel the same( yes that feeling can suck I’ve felt it.) but isn’t it nice to know you’re not wasting your time liking someone who doesn’t like you back? 

Go and try that new restaurant-yes by yourself.. your friends won’t try it with you? Do it alone! 

Thinking about taking a Zumba class..

‘I’m to fat they’ll laugh’ 

So what if they do? You’re doing something to better yourself and you should OWN that! (You rock btw) 

Try new things 

New hobies,new food, a different order at Starbucks… it can be simple! 

From my sister- life’s to short to not eat dessert.

People think that when you say you never know when you’ll die- that you should go out and kiss strangers and buy a $400 outfit for fun…

No!(I mean if you want you’re free to) 

The meaning goes deeper then that! 

You should experience life and not be afraid to go and do… as long as it’s for you.( meaning only if YOU want to)

Life should be loved! 

You shouldn’t have to wake up every morning hating your life.

I want you to wake up with a smile on your face! 

I generally want your happiness!

Learn to live for yourself.. that doesn’t mean be selfish and never go out of your way to do for others. 

Just buy yourself something,take a bath,travel if you want to. 

It’s your life! It’s your story… write it! And in the process of writing it-DON’T let others hold your pen.

~ Anna

P.S comment telling me what this post inspired you to do!(hopefully it inspired you) 


4 thoughts on “Being Connected 

  1. Judi says:

    I truly believe that life is short and can be taken from us at any time. its time we all started to be happy , in a world of throw away people get rid of spouses,friends, and anything that doesn’t suit them in the moment. Remember how Blessed we are with each breath and stop and smell the flowers or coffee if you prefer!!

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