Words are a form of art

Poems are a gift from very talented people.

Putting your thoughts into words amazes me.

I’ve never really been able to verbally get out what I think.

But I can write.

I use to write poems all the time(I never showed anyone) 

So on my Pinterest I have Three boards filled with all kinds of sayings,poems and words! 

I know what I was going through in that time when I go through them, whether it was hurt,happiness,frustration- any emotion I could ever feel.

I was recently going through all of my boards (I never go through my sayings though) and I decided to pop my head in that door (look through the board) and see those emotions.

I was shocked. 

The first board held -curse words in the sayings and hatred. It took me back to a time I didn’t quite care for anymore. I had totally overlooked those times. 

I was thankful for those boards. 

(I ended up going through them because I didn’t want those sayings to be a reflection of the person I am today)

Not that I don’t appreciate those sayings- because in that time… they were everything I couldn’t say. 

It’s just in this moment of my life… I don’t need them. 

I’ve definitely matured and learned to love. 

It’s just crazy how words can do so many things.

They can harm,they can compliment. 

And if you make a right sentence you can make someone’s day(or week)  

I always look for words for whatever I go through… 

and recently I’ve been looking to Gods words.

I finally decided to read the Bible in a year.. ( I haven’t missed a day knock on wood) 

I take the time.. if it’s when I get up -before I even put my feet to the floor or ifs it’s in the early hours of the next day before I go to sleep.  

I find time.

And that’s what it boils down to.

I’ve never taken the time to try and put exactly how I feel into words.

I’ve always thought ‘nope can’t do it’ and in reality I can! 

I should. 

I tend to be a goofball 

That’s actually my role in the family..

I’m the funny sister,Aunt, daughter, etc.

And anytime I ask for a compliment (just asking what people like most about me) 

They always say I’m funny.

I use to HATE that. 

Now I don’t mind! 

But there’s more to me then being funny! 

It may shock my family that are reading.

But my thoughts go way deep.

When it’s just me and my thoughts… 

I own the world- I think so deeply that I loose track of time (probably why I’m up so late)

I say things like “potato potato Ching Chong tomato” just to get a laugh. 

And I’ve tested out saying my deep thoughts and I think it scares people. 

I always get a strange look from them- it’s like their face is saying ‘she’s smart too?’ 

I then simply go back to my thoughts.

I never really get a response just a look.

Lyrics are another thing that are amazing  

Someone took their time and wrote something beautiful.. not the music that we hear now days but song like Trains drops of Jupiter,

The man who wrote that was singing about this women… and how he described things came out so beautiful. 

“She acts like summer but walks like rain” 

That’s so mesmerizing.

I feel in that sentence of the song he was saying she’s hot(like summer) but is deeper then her looks (walks like rain) 

Or maybe he just liked how she walked.. maybe she even tripped a lot.

Or the song She’s beautiful by James Blunt-

Whoever wrote it (I’m not sure if it was James or not) was in love with a women he seen on a subway or train.

Then later when he seen her again he noticed she had a boyfriend,he didn’t care though he wanted her to know she was beautiful. Then he had to face the truth that he’d never be with her… sad but beautiful song! 

To me,songs like that… are poetry.

Words are so important to me.

Whether it’s a saying,poem, lyrics,or even a tweet.


Comment and tell me what you thought! 

Because other people’s thoughts interest me! 


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