Raising yourself

I’m the type of person that is always in the state of change.

I use to dislike change with a passion. Now I live for it! 

I like to make lists of things I admire to be or do.

The lists actually work too- 

They’ll consist of words or a short sentence.

•stop being loud all the time

•smile more

•act more like a lady

•chill out and stop being hyper 



And so much more.. the list only really makes sense to me. 

I’ve always done this-and it really does help me change.

I use to be negative all the time and I wrote on a list to be positive and I (for the most part) am.

I’m also known for being loud.. and that’s a work in progress… 

smile more… that ones really just a reminder-Smile wide.

Act like a lady… I’m giggling right now but-I’ll explain.

I always say I have the personality of a dude.. and for the most part it’s true but I’m trying to be less like that because I decided I don’t want a personality of a dude. I want to be a lady! And I’ve been doing pretty good! 

  Chill out and stop being hyper…

I’m sure you guessed it…

Really I only have hyper days. But still it can be annoying- plus people always say “act your age.” And I hate hearing that! So I need to calm down! I can still be fun without being in your face! 

I never really put my personal life out there-my hopes,dreams,and goals.But here I am writing away… it’s not totally personal I mean you won’t hear about my bad days and my silly dreams I have. But you are getting into my deep,emotional,honest thoughts.

Back to what I was saying.

Raising yourself is a term I thought of recently. 

It’s like when you see a mother raising her child. She’s teaching them right from wrong,what’s good to eat and not and etc.

Well you can raise yourself too.

I raise myself to achieve everything I’ve put onto that list. 

I really do want to stop being so loud and I really would love to be known as more of a lady… plus I’d also like to stop being known as the loud sister in my family….

But I’m working on all of that.

Raising yourself is more then changing things about yourself!

You could raise yourself to clean your room more then twice a month.

You could raise yourself to put your phone down and enjoy the moment.Raise yourself to study harder.

There’s so many things you can raise yourself to do. 

Learn to play a instrument!


I use to raise myself to make others happy. Now I live to make myself happy! 

As crazy as it sounds I feel proud of myself.

I haven’t really done anything but learning to love yourself and not let others walk all over you is HARDER then it looks! 

My sister and I were playing board games the other day and whoever lost had to pick from ‘The Hat of doom’ and you had to do whatever was on it. 

Well my winning streak ran out and I had picked up a piece of paper that said ‘post a picture of you in a bikini’

I huffed and looked up at my sister.

I have her take pictures for me every once in a while for my weightloss journey… and I had one from last year.. so I posted it.

I was really afraid to post it.I’m learning to love my body (slowly) but I’m a really insecure person ( which saying that in itself is brave) so posting it made me scared. 

But I did it and even though my other sister was the only one to comment saying how beautiful I am and brave and how proud she is of me for posting it… I was glad I did! I could’ve gotten no likes and no comments and still would’ve been proud of myself! 

I’m raising myself to love my imperfect body.. I can still work towards my goals without hating my body! 

I don’t want to live life not ever doing anything because of my body.right? Right! 

Raise yourself to do something different then you normally do! 


~ Anna

Comment and tell me what you’d like to raise yourself to do! And if you’re like me and make lists to help improve yourself! 


2 thoughts on “Raising yourself

  1. Dress barn code says:

    I’ve just fnished reading Quiet by Susan Cain which is about how introversion can work in today’s world and one of the things she discussed was groupthink. Discussions like this online can actually be more productive than a face to face convo. My Kindle is currently broken so I can’t find the exact quotes & research she used, but it has been researched extensively. It is actually more likely for people to agree with something they don’t really agree with in a face to face conversation than online.


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