Do you

(Photo is not mine) 

I feel like a lot of people rush to get life planed.I feel that life should be lived with the wonder of what’s next! 

Anytime I plan something is never goes the way I wanted,so I learned to let it plan itself!

Something’s in life should be planed though


•coffee dates

•alone time

And so much more 
Life is so simple yet so complicated!

Life is what you make it! 

If you make life hard.. I guess it is.

I hate that saying

I don’t try to make my life hard but sometimes it is.

I feel that the saying is trying to help you to relax and live life positively!

To help you enjoy what it is.

You could have broken your favorite piece of China… but you could make stuff out of that broken china and still have it( you might even like it better!)
I know so many people that dislike where they are in life cause they think is should be planned.
You DONT have to go college and finish-your mental health is more important then a degree!

You don’t have to have a first kiss by 13- you can be 31 and that’s beautiful!!!

You don’t have to have kids by 25… you don’t even have to have kids if you don’t want to.

Life is about being happy-learning to make yourself happy-creating yourself.

That’s why I love that picture. And that saying or whatever it is.

It’s encouraging you to BE YOU!

Do you boo boo (as my sister says)

Shout out to you sissy lol


~ Anna

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