One word that perfectly describes how I feel.
I’ve always had this strong feeling for travel-but never really got to. 

Then my oldest sister decided we needed a yearly sister trip.

I wasn’t really into it the first time.

The second time came and I liked it even more and so forth.

Finally one came where is was just her and me (our other sister had work unfortunately)

That’s when I found the wanderlust feeling.

I didn’t want to come home! I wanted to stay longer and go further away from home! 

I love being at home and I love my family. 

But my soul longs to be in other places- places I’ve never been to before.

My eyes ache with the need to see sights and people I’ve never seen before.

My fingers need the feeling of new places.

And my heart.. my heart loves no matter where it’s at.

My camera wants pictures of different places and old shops.

I just want to travel.

But with no money and a ride that’s in need of being fixed up…

I’m stuck.

I have this black hole inside me.. 

That hole keeps getting bigger and bigger with that want to leave and be in other places. 

Someone else’s hometown,a place where I don’t know where anything is located. I don’t want to be a local anymore. 

(Plus I live in a tourist town and after living here this long it gets old) it will always be my hometown.my mom says it’s the gypsy in my souls, and it might be! But for the most part… it’s my Curiosity. 
I have a Pinterest board filled with places I’d love to go.

At the moment I really want to visit small towns.

With cute thrift stores and a local farmers market.

I want to take those very well known Instagram photos.

I want to be able to experience life in all forms!

I want to live out of a suitcase

I want,I want,I want…

The list could go on forever!

The places I hope to see could last a week of me just telling you.

I even have a book with trips planed and the places I’ll stay and places I want to go while I’m there.

I will one day.not today and probably not tomorrow,but one day I will be blogging about my experience in new lands (well for me at least) .
Check out my Pinterest for a little teaser of me 



Comment and tell me if you’re as wanderlust for me!


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