Writing my thoughts

I’ve always had a hard time writing how I feel.Which is why I feel I’m failing at blogging.
I have these thoughts- that I don’t know how to describe.

I feel like when I try to describe them my A.D.D kicks in and next thing you know I’m talking about the complete opposite thing.

I follow this girls blog- and she has a way of putting what she thinks into words and I love that! 

(Plus we seem to be going through the same things)

Here’s her blog so y’all can check her out…trust me she’s Amazing

I hope that one day my blog is as amazing as hers! 

I love her writing.

As I said I relate to what she post.

After I read her newest posts I always think..’why can’t I put my thoughts into words’ and ‘she must be a mind reader cause I was JUST thinking about this’
She’s my inspiration

She inspired me to start a blog, and she’s inspiring me to learn to put my thoughts into writing! 
What inspires me to write are all kinds of things.



A Facebook post

A YouTube video

A conversation

A tweet

A store sign

Something from Pinterest 

And more 
So many things inspire me to write.

Usually I have many thoughts about what I’m going to write.

There’s so many posts I’ve written and deleted because they’re not good enough in my eyes.

I just want my readers..You

To know exactly what I’m thinking.

I want you to 100% understand and maybe even relate.

Because I only like reading what I can relate to or what I understand.
It’s like art.

Some people could look at a painting and see one thing and the other a complete different thing.
When you begin to learn to draw,you learn simple things like shading,and how to draw what you see.

Some people have that natural born talent and some of us have to work extra hard to make sure our art doesn’t look like a little kid did it.
But practice makes progress and before you know it,you could be an artist that people pay to do what you love!

And you could’ve even been the one who had to work extra hard. 
You see what I’m saying though? 

Some people are naturally better at things.

You just have to work harder.

I’ll just have to work harder at expressing my thoughts!

Comment your thoughts on this post

(See what I did there?!) 


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