Putting what’s important first

By the tittle I’m sure you know what this post is about.
I believe that what is important to you,you’ll put first.

Makes sense right? 
I always make sure to check up on everyone-see how they’re doing.

I make it a point to always say I love you to my family.

I workout daily and try to eat healthy

I do bible study.
I do what I feel is important.

But what’s important to me might not be important to you.

Something’s should always be important.

You should always text and say hey.

You should always use your manners.

You should ,you should, you should…that’s what I feel… 

others might not feel that way (like I previously stated)
When I was a kid I use to put barbies first. That was my priority as a child.

Now I put different things first.

That might not have been important when I was young.
I often question how people could gladly follow along with what other do or say.

Live their life around others,do like others.

How are you happy? 

Does acting and being like them make you happy? 

Ive never been able to wrap my head around how someone could just up and change who they are to make others happy. 

I’m a proud believer in “if you don’t like me,move along”

I don’t live to make others happy.

I live to make myself happy!
I don’t wear what she wears

I don’t act the way he wants me to
I’m me,and somewhere someone is thinking the same thing.

In good time my tribe will find me!

Your vibe attract your tribe after all! 

I am the type of person I want to be around (or I try to be) 
I dislike with a passion how others can just up and be like someone they’re not.


How do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face?

I know ALOT of people that live their lives like others.

They’re always to scared to speak up or be themselves .

The worst part is when the person they try to be like decides they don’t want to be their friend.. They just up and act like the next person.

I honestly feel bad for people like that.

And I’m aloud to say it because I use to be one.

I use to be ashamed of who I was.

How I lived.

Then I found people that live like me,think the same thoughts as me,dream big and work towards their goals.

(I haven’t met them I just seen them on social media)
I’m the kind of person that likes having friends.

I’ve only ever had one TRUE friend in life.. others were simply co workers and people I knew.

I find a friend to be-

Someone who talks to you often

Tags you in Facebook posts

Wants to hang out with you

It doesn’t have to be on a daily basis.

It can be every other day that you hear from them.but at least you do hear from them. And they make it a priority to not make you the only one trying.
I’m not that great at making friends either…

I don’t usually like being the first to try to be friends but recently I’ve stepped up and have been trying (I wouldn’t say I’m failing at it but.. I’m failing at it) 

What happened to pen pals? 

Those were so cool! 

I remember having one once! I LOVED it! 
My point of all that was;people make it important to be like others.

I don’t see how it’s important,but I’m also not them.

I find trying to keep in touch with my sibling important .(they could care less about trying to keep in touch with me) 

And that’s what I’m getting at.

I make them important but they don’t make me important.

Does it hurt? 

It use to.but I’ve grown into a person that doesn’t need others…I want others,that’s the difference in me and them.

I don’t need you.I want you! 

I want to be in your life,I want to know how your day was.

I’m not trying to disappoint you.I’m not going to stab you in the back or get tired of you.

Blood is thicker then water! 
So let me know what you make important! What are your priorities? 




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