The Raw unfiltered truth

I was recently talking to someone about blogging and they said they blogged through personal experience.
So here’s one of mine.
I’m a very understanding and loving person.

I always give a million second chances when some people don’t even deserve the first one.
My 2016 (like most peoples) wasn’t an enjoyable year.

I had a lot of down falls and disappointments.

So in December I had decided ‘life is what you make it’

And that was what I was gonna do.

I was gonna work on me inside and out and I wasn’t going to get walked all over, and probably one of my top listed things were. NO negativity!

It’s hard to grow as a person when other around you don’t want to grow with you.
It’s even harder when those people are close family members.

I can’t just not talk to them anymore.
I’m learning to balance growing as a person and still being in the same spot. 

I’m learning to grow while others aren’t.

It’s hard to change who you are when someone has a SET way of how you are. 

When they act like they know you.

I don’t usually show my soul to many people.

I mean it took me 17 years to know that crying wasn’t a sign of weakness.

It’s taken me 18 years to realize I don’t have to be what other expect from me.

Growing is hard. You have to decide what you want to be like.
I always pick things from people I look up to! 

Something from them a little of that from somebody oh and a dash and hint of them.

That makes me.

(as I’ve previously stated in another post) 

I like to make lists.

My goals for my inner and outer self.
I’ve recently had the issue of always giving people my time but them not giving me theirs.

I’ll text and call,post and write… but they won’t do the same.

I feel I shouldn’t have to be the only one trying! 

I’ve done it my whole life. They should put forth effort too,or at least TRY?!
I had planned a fun evening with (anonymous because I don’t need unnecessary drama…if she even reads) 

And she didn’t even text to cancel. She just never showed up.

Not a single word.

And to me…

You have no respect for me to even text and cancel???

What kind of person are you? What kind of life are you living that you can’t even respect me enough to cancel!?

Now you might think.. maybe something came up?

No I’ve know her my whole life. Nothing came up.
And that’s what I mean by trying.

I was trying to spend time with her.

And no…

Then I got to thinking really deep.

This is how my life goes.

I always try and no one really tries for me.

Then of corse you know how the human brain works-I went into the ‘something must be wrong with me’ stage.

There’s nothing wrong with me.

I gave you respect and so many chances.

And I got nothing in return.

I’m not the type of person who wants people to give me this or buy me that.

I’m NOT materialistic person! 
I like you to show me your soul!

Your favorite song,book movie.

I want to try your favorite meal at Chick-fil-A.

I want to know you! 

I want your time and respect ,I guess.
Just be yourself,that’s all I ask from you.

I’m growing up. I’m creating who I am. I want to find people that make me happy and actually care!
I don’t need people telling me how I feel is drama to their life.

Or that I’m just moody.

I want people to see my soul and love it!

I want friends that are more like siblings and soulmates,I want honesty.

I want the respect of a “I can’t make it” text.

I want real.Raw.Unfiltered. I want REAL!

 So here the site where you can sign up to be my friend… 

I’m just playing! 

Comment! I’d love to hear from you!

Let me know what you think,how you feel. If you’re going through the same thing! Or even your favorite color! 

Yeah comment and tell me you’re favorite color! 
~Anna Banana 


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