Sunday is Funday

Sunday really is funday 
I crave adventure! 

And finally my family decided (with the help of my pushing and begging) 

To go on exactly that… An adventure!
First we drove to “The Hammock”

And stopped at a boat dock that just so happens to have a trail.

So we went hiking! 

It was a very short hike->the trail was a loop back to the parking lot.

But it was amazing to connect with Mother Nature!then we sat and watched the water for a little bit.

There is a beach right a cross the street so we went to that! 

I love the beach! 

The beautiful natural sounds, the smell,the way it makes me feel! I’ve never gotten a bad vibe from the beach! 

 Then we went to a farmers market that has been there for three years -and we didn’t even know about it! 

That was so much fun! 

Mom even bought yummy dip mix! 

Dad decided he wanted to try somewhere new to eat! (Which if ANYONE knows my dad they know he’s not one to try something new) 

THREE different places we went to before we decided on one.

We went in looked at how packed it was and would leave-one place wasn’t even serving food for 35 minutes.

Then we had lunch! 

It was good too! 

My favorite part about Sunday was-the ride home.
Out of the lovely (very appreciated) adventures we had yesterday.

That was my favorite! 

We were all laughing and cutting up.

Just generally enjoying each others company! 

And I think about that.

I really enjoyed my day but for once we were all together laughing and enjoying ourselves!
Also when I got home I got to FaceTime a friend for the first time (it was a lot of fun!)
It was a really amazing day! 

(Pictures to show you my day below) 

Don’t be afraid to comment your weekend adventures! 



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