Late nights

My mom calls me a night owl.Which I’m okay with! 

I love staying up till the early hours of the morning!

It’s quite,no one bothers me and my thoughts,it’s when I do my best thinking.
My thoughts are hard to capture. I go from one thing to the other.

Sometimes they’re deep sometimes I plan my tomorrow and sometimes I even think about silly teenager things (like Dylan o’brien ) <- just kidding.
I love the night sky. My Instagram would be filled with the night sky but my phone doesn’t like to take pictures of it.(meaning the moon just looks like a white blob) 

I love staring at the stars,they give me inspiration,they help me figure out who I am.

In these early hours of the morning I find out what I want and who I am.

I think of my past and my future.

I don’t know if anyone else does this,but I think about how I’m going to decorate my future house and what my kids will look like.

I even make up little stories and add to it every night.

I call that night dreaming (it’s like day dreaming but at night)
I don’t know what it is about these hours,if it’s because I’m lacking sleep is why I’m more creative or if it’s just my “me” time.

But this,this is when I’m most content and happiest.

I love when my windows open and I can hear the nothing.

Nothing is happening at two in the morning .No ones out and about moving around,all the animals are asleep-and most people.

I just hear nothing- that’s when I can really hear myself,my thoughts,my dreams being put into works,When I do my best praying.

3am is the hour of writers,painters,poets,over thinkers,silent seekers,and creative people.I know who you are,I can see your light on.keep on keeping on!
I just feel everything is better at night!

Expect for taking a walk… then it’s just plan creepy.


My problem with staying up late is.. I like to get up “early” meaning around Eight.

So I’m only getting 6-8 hours of sleep.which a person can’t really live on all the time.

I make it work! Some nights I go to bed early (12:00) and others I make myself go to sleep because the sun is rising. 
There’s a word that describes my love for the night 

Nyctophilia    (Noun) 

Love for darkness or night. Finding relaxation or comfort in darkness. 

Ever since I found that word I love it! 

While I’m late night thinking you can late night sleep! 

Comment and tell me what time of day you do your best thinking.


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