My own little world

I seen this photo as I was scrolling through Facebook.I’ve seen it before! I’ve even reposted it.

I get told I live in my own little world.

Which for the most part I do!

It’s nicer there-people aren’t fake and don’t lie,the suns always bright and the moon is always big.

I use to think that your own little world was like a real place-like a planet of your own.

Now that I’m older I think it’s something more then a get away!

It’s not somewhere you go to get away from everyday stuff.

It’s your way of thought.

You strive on that feeling.

You can’t bring yourself to see it for what it really is-your in your own little world! 

If you’ve been lied to-

You can’t,you won’t believe that this person lied to you. Nope! You won’t-they’re not Liars! 

Your in your own little world.

It’s so much better there! 

You feel in control,your not the nerd with glasses anymore,your pain is gone,and your content.

Our own little world could be made up of so many things-for each person it’s different.

When I’m in my own little world -> I’m in deep thought most of the time.

I’m silent and I stare off into space.

“Whatcha thinking about?” My dad always asks when I’m riding with him and I’m into my thoughts.

I shrug and say nothing.

But it’s not because I don’t want to tell him what’s going on in my head,it’s because honestly I don’t think he could handle my thought process- my thoughts go so many places in such a little time…that I wouldn’t want to stress him out by saying it all.

Some people don’t even have their own little world,they live in others.

What that person says or does they do too.

My oldest sister tends to be that way.

Never really thinking for herself.

If it’s cool and hip she likes it.

If whatever friends she’s hanging with for that month is into it-so is she.

Honestly I give it to her-> because I know I couldn’t do it. I can’t stand to live other people’s lives. That’s what YOU want… not me!

So to answer both of their questions in the saying-

No I don’t feel lonely-I feel lonely in big crowds,in a room full of people that don’t really care about me. But on my own. That when I’m least lonely.

“People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don’t think that’s true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.” 

– Kim Culbertson 


Do I feel powerless in others worlds? No because I know where I stand in life. I know who I am and what My capabilities are.

Comment and let me know what your own little world is like-I might even want to visit.



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