Book stores and the scent of coffee

                 (I took this pic )

Books stores are so magical!They are filled with adventures!

While you kids run away and read with Dr.Seuss you can catch up with a good thriller or an autobiography.

Weather you read romance novels or homeschool books- 7th grade math is probably one of your favorites.

You could even be a teenager that grabbed a coffee and is sitting in one of those comfy chairs reading some teen book that was on the popular shelf.

Either way you go on an adventure! 

We-> meaning my mom my older sister and I use to go to Barnes and Noble a lot when I was a kid.

My sister was busy searching for anything and everything that caught her attention,I was looking for some thing I could actually read and Mom was reading homeschool books-and probably something from the Christian books section.

It’s kinda funny because how our store is set up,the popular teen books are by the homeschool books. And every time I look in that section I find myself looking at the homeschool books.

I smile because I use to hate these shelves.

And every once in a while,when I’m in dream land… I’ll get asked about a book.

I’ll always tell them my personal favorites and then my sisters (which she always hated the books I loved ) it’s all in how the child learns,I tell them.

I recently went to barnes and noble to buy a journal.

I haven’t journaled in years.

But one of the many mothers I watch on YouTube has inspired me to start again! 

That’s actually when I took this photo! 

Have you ever smelled a book? 

A new book, with its fresh smelling virgin pages.

Or a thrift book that you find under a pile of others? ( it might even be dusty)

The adventure others have had-tears a complete stranger has cried into those pages.

Books hold their smell!

But somehow they always smell good! 

Unless the previous owner was male. And then they only really read in the restroom.. Yuck!

But over all, one of my favorite things is to be cuddled into a chair with a hot beverage and a good book!  

I remember my mom reading stories to me when I was young! She’s an amazing story teller because she uses different voices! A talent I’m glad to say she passed on!

You have to use accents too! 

“A bookstore is one of the many pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

-Jerry Seinfeld

Comment a book recommendation! 



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