Camping adventures

“Wanna go camping?”  Such a fun question huh?

My sister and I decided it’d be fun to go camping in our back yard! 

Childish? I don’t think so! Imaginative? I think so!
Of corse it was to be the coldest night that week (cold for Florida)

61 degrees.

We’re in the tent with (not that many blankets) our puppies; freezing.

Now we had fallen asleep really early. We’re thinking it’s because we were cold and the bodies natural instinct is to go to sleep to even out the temperature.

I wake up to my sister trying to cover me up-only for me to tell her no and to check on the puppies.

Some how mine managed to wiggle her way out of her sweater!

“Awww baby!” I cry out 

Putting her sweater back on.

I try to cuddle with her to warm her up,while hugging my dog she head butts my nose (that was just pierced 5days ago at the time) 

Leading to a major nose bleed.

I’ve never once had a nose bleed in my life.

I suck it up and wipe the blood off as it gushes out.

In the mean time I lay down.

Complaining to my freezing and shivering sister “my nose hurts!”

“Now I’m cold again!”

“It’s bleeding really bad.”

She takes the complaints like a man! 

Then she said “I’m cold! Do you want to go in?”

I don’t really know what made me say this but…
“It’s broken heart cold!”

“Huh?” She replied intently confused at her dorky little sister.

“It’s broken heart cold!”

“What’s that mean?”

“It’s know how when I turn my fan on high? And I get cold? That’s brought on by me. I knew I’d be cold if I turned it on high.. but I do it anyway!This is like getting a broken heart->broken heart cold.”

Honestly I couldn’t tell you what we were thinking in that moment.It was silent. I don’t know how long we were silent either.The next thing I remember is we were packing up our stuff and heading into the house.
Overall I wouldn’t even complain about that night!
We had a bonfire,got to talk,I got really good pictures of the moon with my awful phone camera.

I mean anytime spent with my sister isn’t wasted!
I’m honestly considering writing a book about our failed attempts of silly adventures we have. 

I’m sure someone would get a kick out of them. 
Comment below-> telling me about a silly or gone wrong camping adventure! 




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