Planting a park 

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you know already that my family are a group of tree huggers!We have so many fruit and citrus trees,we have a garden and now to add to the loveliness of nature that we already have, we have a little park in the front yard.
I love being outside! 

You get fresh air ,it clears your head and opens up your thought process…

So when I say I’m so happy with how my front yard looks now- believe me I’m VERY pleased!

the bench in the photo… yeah I built that! 
And the bird bath!

Beyond the fencing you see in the first photo is the dog park.

It’s not done yet! 

But it’s where the dogs can openly run free without running away! And along the fence is rose bushes.

We’re planing on planting flowers in the fencing too (theres already citrus and fruit trees).
Sorry for such a short post! I’m just so proud of it! 



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