Different views 

I don’t know if any of you that read my posts know this but..I’m a Christian!

This is a “touchy” subject for most.

Not me! 

I’m proud of my Christianity!

I don’t belong to a “certain type” of Christianity,I simply follow what the Bible says and I think I live okay.

Now as I follow the Bible,some might say I’m close minded now.

But NO,I swear I`m not.

I believe that Love is love! 

If you love them go for it! 

I’m not gonna judge! 

I mean I’m not going to go and be lesbian(hope I’m not being to blunt) 

But I don’t mind if you are!

Is being gay agaist my religion?Yes.

Like I said…I dont judge.

My Dad is racist (sorry pops you are!)

He says he’s not but… he is.

And most people that know him know that!

I never could wrap my head around it,How?How could you judge someone off of the color of their skin?

So what? God made everyone! 

Love everyone! 

I have black friends! They’re just as great as my white friends!

I’ve known multi-race people before!

I’ve known a girl that was African,Mexican,Caucasian, and I don’t even know what else! 

I’ve had a lesbian friend before as well, she even use to tell me about her and her girlfriends dates. They were cute! 

I’m not really a judgmental person! 

I’m pretty chill when it comes to stuff like this.

I mean who cares what color skin you have or what gender your spouse is?

If YOU ARE happy, BE happy! 

You can answer for everything when you go to heaven.

What got me thinking on all this is…

My sister introduced me to a new Country artist,you might have heard of him ‪Kane Brown‬??

He’s really good! He has an amazing talent and I hope he goes far!

Anyway, my sister showed me this post where he was getting hate for being mixed.


It hurts me to see people get hate for the color of their skin! It hurts me to see people ge hurt for any reason!

I mean it’s 2017, Grow up!

We should all learn to let people live,let them be them! 

We live in such a judgmental world as it is.

Be the change you wish you see in the world!


I’m going to be honest! 

I’m not for gays,bisexuals, or whatever else there is out there! 

But I’m not against it either! 

I`m on the perfect in between level of I don’t care,you’re happy? Good! I’m happy? Yes! Good!

No need for the drama in between.

I’m not going to glare at you if you’re gay and holding your boyfriend or girlfriends hand! I`ll actually probably smile at you!

I don’t live your life! Your not hurting me! So go, Live the life that makes you happy! 

I’ll just be chilling over here with my cup of water and my phone,Scrolling through Pinterest looking at puppy pictures.

Comment and tell me your race! Because you’re beautiful/Handsome and I wanna know my followers better!



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