Beauty is Subjective 

I’M SO SORRY I haven’t been posting,somehow I fixed my phone? I’ll try posting every week again (no promises) but I will try!

You may continue lol

Beauty isn’t real.
Beauty doesn’t exist.

Beauty is subjective.
^^ I could leave it at that,and my point would be made.

What is beauty?
What is ugly?
What does that even mean?

It’s like heaven and hell.
One can’t exist without the other.. right?

It’s all subjective!
What I find beautiful you could not.

I guarantee that if you find something “ugly” someone else is going to have a different opinion!
Actually I promise you it!

My sister and I have had this conversation TO many times.
What my sister finds attractive in a guy I may not.
And that’s OKAY!

I find “chubby” guys highly attractive! Meanwhile in their head they might be thinking..
“Eh I’m a fat loser.”
Same thing goes for you!Goes for me,goes for that guy over there,and the girl that works at the gas station. It goes for everyone! You might not like your features! Your probably even insecure.
But someone thinks you’re the most beautiful human they’ve laid eyes on!

I just don’t understand how society can define what people should find beautiful.
How does society have the right?
The right to alter people’s opinions,maybe I don’t think models are pretty. Maybe I find the newest craze to be stupid.
Maybe I totally agree with everything.
I guess that’s why it’s called opinions.

I suppose that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What actually got me started on this topic is. This video ->
She really makes this post look like a child wrote it. She definitely can express and explain it better then me! Go check it out!

Comment and tell me something you find “pretty” and “ugly”

☼xoxoxx Anna☼


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