I’ve gone cruelty free! *throws recycled paper confetti in the air*

Recently I was wasting time on YouTube (like always) and I came across a video on cruelty free makeup and other products.

In the video I was watching she shows clips of animals that get tested on,I began crying,and not just tearing up, I lost it. Those poor animals,all I could think of was -they’re probably wondering what they did do get treated so badly.

I went through EVERYTHING!

I had already been purging my room(comment if you want a post about it) and went through all my clothes and belongings, so going through all my beauty products and my showering items,it wasn’t hard for me.

For the most part,I had a lot of cruelty free stuff! I threw out my body soap( I’m now using my moms homemade soap which is also vegan!) 

Come pay day I went to town… and got some VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE toothpaste, by the Brand Hello in the flavor soothing mint with coconut oil.

And some Toms lip balm (chapstick) in peppermint 

It’s feels amazing ,kinda like blistex and it doesn’t have a taste when you lick it.

The only complaint I have with the toothpaste is… my tongue doesn’t feel as clean.

I got my products at walmart, I can’t wait to go back and get some Alba shampoo and conditioner! (I’m using mane and tail which is cruelty free) 

My next step after being even more comfortable then I am with being cruelty free,is to go vegan!

I don’t think it will be hard,I mean I already have vegan toothpaste and soap… how hard can it be? *winks,but not the creepy wink like the smooth kind of wink*

Comment if you want any Info (I’ll do my best,or I’ll google the answer for you lol) 

And comment if you want a post about my purging(I’ve done SOOO much!)

Spread love my readers! 

Xoxoxx Anna Banana 


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