Book review 

These shallow graves By Jennifer Donnelly

I’m not very well known as a reader, although when I find a good read I won’t take my eyes off of it.

If I’m not thinking about it,I’m talking about it! 

I became obsessed.

“These Shallow Graves” is one of the rare reads I became obsessed with.

I read all 487 pages in three days.

The characters were amazingly explained.                                                I could relate to the main character Jo Montfort. She wanted with all her heart to be a journalist,and in the year 1890 it was frowned apon for a women to be doing mans job.

I found her courageous for going off her instincts that her father was murdered instead of it being suicide,and she took action to prove it.

My favorite character was Eddie Gallagher.
Not only did I fancy him,but I simply fell in love with him through out the book!

(As did Jo.) who could blame her?

The writer did amazing with the characters development and back stories!

I could imagine the houses,streets,and even the closet Jo and Eddie get locked in!

I found myself wishing I lived in that era!                                                   I never once felt like I was reading the book,I felt as if I was living it! As if I were walking along with Jo on her journeys!

After I finished the book I told my sister I wanted to read it again!
I have a talent of guessing the suspect within a few chapters, (I did guess) but the story that went along with the person was a shock to me! I had never guessed that story line!
Which made me love the book even more! 

I found the historical thriller to be my new favorite book!
It had a little of everything! Romance,friendship,betrayal,mystery,family,lost,murder,and even a little bit of feminism:D

I greatly hope that Jennifer Donnelly creates a sequel!
(It could be about Jo and her adventures of journalism! Please add in some Eddie as well!)


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