Book review 

These shallow graves By Jennifer Donnelly

I’m not very well known as a reader, although when I find a good read I won’t take my eyes off of it.

If I’m not thinking about it,I’m talking about it! 

I became obsessed.

“These Shallow Graves” is one of the rare reads I became obsessed with.

I read all 487 pages in three days.

The characters were amazingly explained.                                                I could relate to the main character Jo Montfort. She wanted with all her heart to be a journalist,and in the year 1890 it was frowned apon for a women to be doing mans job.

I found her courageous for going off her instincts that her father was murdered instead of it being suicide,and she took action to prove it.

My favorite character was Eddie Gallagher.
Not only did I fancy him,but I simply fell in love with him through out the book!

(As did Jo.) who could blame her?

The writer did amazing with the characters development and back stories!

I could imagine the houses,streets,and even the closet Jo and Eddie get locked in!

I found myself wishing I lived in that era!                                                   I never once felt like I was reading the book,I felt as if I was living it! As if I were walking along with Jo on her journeys!

After I finished the book I told my sister I wanted to read it again!
I have a talent of guessing the suspect within a few chapters, (I did guess) but the story that went along with the person was a shock to me! I had never guessed that story line!
Which made me love the book even more! 

I found the historical thriller to be my new favorite book!
It had a little of everything! Romance,friendship,betrayal,mystery,family,lost,murder,and even a little bit of feminism:D

I greatly hope that Jennifer Donnelly creates a sequel!
(It could be about Jo and her adventures of journalism! Please add in some Eddie as well!)



I’ve gone cruelty free! *throws recycled paper confetti in the air*

Recently I was wasting time on YouTube (like always) and I came across a video on cruelty free makeup and other products.

In the video I was watching she shows clips of animals that get tested on,I began crying,and not just tearing up, I lost it. Those poor animals,all I could think of was -they’re probably wondering what they did do get treated so badly.

I went through EVERYTHING!

I had already been purging my room(comment if you want a post about it) and went through all my clothes and belongings, so going through all my beauty products and my showering items,it wasn’t hard for me.

For the most part,I had a lot of cruelty free stuff! I threw out my body soap( I’m now using my moms homemade soap which is also vegan!) 

Come pay day I went to town… and got some VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE toothpaste, by the Brand Hello in the flavor soothing mint with coconut oil.

And some Toms lip balm (chapstick) in peppermint 

It’s feels amazing ,kinda like blistex and it doesn’t have a taste when you lick it.

The only complaint I have with the toothpaste is… my tongue doesn’t feel as clean.

I got my products at walmart, I can’t wait to go back and get some Alba shampoo and conditioner! (I’m using mane and tail which is cruelty free) 

My next step after being even more comfortable then I am with being cruelty free,is to go vegan!

I don’t think it will be hard,I mean I already have vegan toothpaste and soap… how hard can it be? *winks,but not the creepy wink like the smooth kind of wink*

Comment if you want any Info (I’ll do my best,or I’ll google the answer for you lol) 

And comment if you want a post about my purging(I’ve done SOOO much!)

Spread love my readers! 

Xoxoxx Anna Banana 

Beauty is Subjective 

I’M SO SORRY I haven’t been posting,somehow I fixed my phone? I’ll try posting every week again (no promises) but I will try!

You may continue lol

Beauty isn’t real.
Beauty doesn’t exist.

Beauty is subjective.
^^ I could leave it at that,and my point would be made.

What is beauty?
What is ugly?
What does that even mean?

It’s like heaven and hell.
One can’t exist without the other.. right?

It’s all subjective!
What I find beautiful you could not.

I guarantee that if you find something “ugly” someone else is going to have a different opinion!
Actually I promise you it!

My sister and I have had this conversation TO many times.
What my sister finds attractive in a guy I may not.
And that’s OKAY!

I find “chubby” guys highly attractive! Meanwhile in their head they might be thinking..
“Eh I’m a fat loser.”
Same thing goes for you!Goes for me,goes for that guy over there,and the girl that works at the gas station. It goes for everyone! You might not like your features! Your probably even insecure.
But someone thinks you’re the most beautiful human they’ve laid eyes on!

I just don’t understand how society can define what people should find beautiful.
How does society have the right?
The right to alter people’s opinions,maybe I don’t think models are pretty. Maybe I find the newest craze to be stupid.
Maybe I totally agree with everything.
I guess that’s why it’s called opinions.

I suppose that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What actually got me started on this topic is. This video ->
She really makes this post look like a child wrote it. She definitely can express and explain it better then me! Go check it out!

Comment and tell me something you find “pretty” and “ugly”

☼xoxoxx Anna☼


I layed in the sun for most of the day,it was perfect weather->Sun was hot and the wind was cold.
After tanning for a couple hour`s I came in and bathed.I usually shower,but today I took a bath.
I sunk down in the tub like when I was little,I put my head just far enough under the water that I could still breathe but couldn`t hear anything.
Water dripping into the tub as I listened to my own breathing.
It felt like a very peaceful moment.
Now (which by the time you read this it`ll be yesterday that I wrote it.) Now…I sit on my bed writing this,my bed by my window-which is open,letting in a nice breeze.
I`ve had a hard time with enjoying the simple things,which if you know me personally you know that`s strange for me,because I always enjoy the little things.
But lately I`ve been feeling out of place in life. Like there`s something more.It`s just right out of my reach,and no matter how much further I reach for it…I can`t grasp it.
I guess everyone goe`s through that at some point in life…Right?
You don`t know where you belong,You`re trying to figure out who you are and what you think and feel.I`m running from the expectations everyone has for me.I`m not who I was when I was 12,I`m not who I was last year,heck I`m not even who I was yesterday.
I`m asking everyone to give me the space I need to become…well to become me.Let me wear that tacky shirt without asking why I chose to wear it.Dont give me the look when I make a mistake.Embrace me.Tell me I`m doing the best I can.
Encourage me to become a good women.
My mother has raised me to have my own voice,to be honest and a good wife.
I was homeschooled so alot of my school was learning how to be a good wife for my future husband.
I can give you a clean home,make you a fresh meal from scratch and you`ll have all your laundry folded and put away.
That`s how she raised me.
But theres one thing a parent can`t teach you; how to be who you are.
How to figure out who you are.How to become who you are.
Some people my age seem to have it together,but I dont want they`re life.I want mine.
I want the adventures and lessons that make me who I will become.
There`s one thing I`ve recently learned by watching people around me.
I will never need someone to make me who I am.
Some people need a boyfriend or girlfriend to feel loved,to feel like they know who they are.

Today I enjoyed the simple things.I didn`t worry about not having a job,or money.
I didn`t worry about what other people were doing (Not that I do that anyway.) I just didn`t care today.
I let everything go,I gave it over to the Lord.
My phone`s software has been going recently (Reason I haven`t been posting) and I didn`t worry about that either.
And it has been the most amazing day ever.
I enjoyed watching my dog run around the back yard after swimming in the pool.
I enjoyed watching my sister read,I enjoyed the view of my mother picking bean`s out of her garden that she grew.
It just feel`s so nice to enjoy the simple things life gives us.
The simple things; that if you really look…Can be really important.

I hope with all of my being,that you look around and find something to be happy about,something to smile about.Something to enjoy.


Sorry for not posting lately.As soon as I get another phone I`ll be posting every Wednesday again.
Until then…Comment something simple that you enjoy.
Is it coffee in the morning with your mom?Is it that your dad sang in the car?Is it that you got to go home early from work?
Whatever it may be.Let me know!I want to hear about your little moment`s of bliss!

P.S Did you like my new style of writing?I kinda wrote it like it was a journel.

Different views 

I don’t know if any of you that read my posts know this but..I’m a Christian!

This is a “touchy” subject for most.

Not me! 

I’m proud of my Christianity!

I don’t belong to a “certain type” of Christianity,I simply follow what the Bible says and I think I live okay.

Now as I follow the Bible,some might say I’m close minded now.

But NO,I swear I`m not.

I believe that Love is love! 

If you love them go for it! 

I’m not gonna judge! 

I mean I’m not going to go and be lesbian(hope I’m not being to blunt) 

But I don’t mind if you are!

Is being gay agaist my religion?Yes.

Like I said…I dont judge.

My Dad is racist (sorry pops you are!)

He says he’s not but… he is.

And most people that know him know that!

I never could wrap my head around it,How?How could you judge someone off of the color of their skin?

So what? God made everyone! 

Love everyone! 

I have black friends! They’re just as great as my white friends!

I’ve known multi-race people before!

I’ve known a girl that was African,Mexican,Caucasian, and I don’t even know what else! 

I’ve had a lesbian friend before as well, she even use to tell me about her and her girlfriends dates. They were cute! 

I’m not really a judgmental person! 

I’m pretty chill when it comes to stuff like this.

I mean who cares what color skin you have or what gender your spouse is?

If YOU ARE happy, BE happy! 

You can answer for everything when you go to heaven.

What got me thinking on all this is…

My sister introduced me to a new Country artist,you might have heard of him ‪Kane Brown‬??

He’s really good! He has an amazing talent and I hope he goes far!

Anyway, my sister showed me this post where he was getting hate for being mixed.


It hurts me to see people get hate for the color of their skin! It hurts me to see people ge hurt for any reason!

I mean it’s 2017, Grow up!

We should all learn to let people live,let them be them! 

We live in such a judgmental world as it is.

Be the change you wish you see in the world!


I’m going to be honest! 

I’m not for gays,bisexuals, or whatever else there is out there! 

But I’m not against it either! 

I`m on the perfect in between level of I don’t care,you’re happy? Good! I’m happy? Yes! Good!

No need for the drama in between.

I’m not going to glare at you if you’re gay and holding your boyfriend or girlfriends hand! I`ll actually probably smile at you!

I don’t live your life! Your not hurting me! So go, Live the life that makes you happy! 

I’ll just be chilling over here with my cup of water and my phone,Scrolling through Pinterest looking at puppy pictures.

Comment and tell me your race! Because you’re beautiful/Handsome and I wanna know my followers better!